Model Rules

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ARCI Model Rules

The Model Pari-Mutuel Rules are drafted and approved by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) and are seen as an “Industry Document”.

Proposals for new rules or amendments to existing rules should be submitted to the Association of Racing Commissioners International, 1510 Newtown Pike, Suite 210, Lexington, KY 40511-1222.

Prior to being included as a Model Rule the proposal will first be reviewed by the Model Rule Committee and a recommended action taken to the RCI. Only after RCI formally adopts the proposed rule will it be included as a Model Pari-Mutuel Rule.

Rules Adopted by RCI Board

Tucson, AZ – December 2017

New Orleans, LA – March 2016

Tucson, AZ —December, 2015

Deadwood, SD — July 2015

Tucson, AZ — December 2014

Del Mar, CA — July 2014

Lexington, KY — April 2014

Tucson, AZ — December 2013

Saratoga Springs, NY — July 2013

New Orleans, LA — April 2013

Saratoga Springs, NY — July 2012

Saratoga Springs, NY — July 2011

Denver, CO — October 2010

Tucson, AZ — December 2009

Del Mar, California — August 2009

Lexington, KY — April 2009

Tucson, AZ — December 2008

Saratoga Springs, NY — August 2008

If there is existing rule language that has been submitted to the committee it can be obtained by clicking on the topic title. The language that is available here may be in the process of being revised by either the Model Rules Committee, sub-committees or various industry stakeholder groups.

The Rule Comparisons shown below were completed by students beginning in the Fall Semester Racing Regulation and Enforcement class. Any rule change done by a commission after that time most likely will not be reflected on the comparison.