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Since its inception in 1998, Roberts Communications Network, LLC (Roberts) has been the leading worldwide video distribution and wagering data communications services provider for the racing industry, among others, operating a fully secure, redundant satellite, fiber, and internet network. 

With 2,861 reception nodes between satellite, fiber, and internet platforms, reaching six continents and 33 countries, Roberts sets itself apart by offering unparalleled network service offerings to customers. Roberts architects and provides customers with all the necessary hardware, software, bandwidth, and services to provide a wide range of content distribution and video production services.

Unparalleled reliability and redundancy are Roberts’ calling card, with separate fiber, satellite, and internet paths from almost every location on its vast network, all monitored 24/7/365 at its centralized Network Operations Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2021, Roberts moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art 10-acre communications headquarters, complete with production, satellite teleport, and data center connectivity, that has greatly increased the company's capabilities and allows for an unprecedented expansion of service offerings across all industries.