TRPB's J. Curtis Linnell talks wagering integrity

April 6, 2023
J. Curtis Linnell in classroom

Race Track Industry Program/UCATT-Veronica Rodriguez

J. Curtis Linnell of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB) stopped by the University of Arizona campus to speak to Race Track Industry Program classes on Wednesday, April 5. Linnell has been with the TRPB since the early 2000s when starting as a tote security consultant and has worked his way up to becoming the organization’s Executive Vice President.

He spoke with students about the origins of the TRPB and their evolution in the horse racing industry. Linnell went in depth on how the TRPB maintains the digital tattoo database for Thoroughbred racehorses, sharing how the process has been modified over time, and how their current systems work with The Jockey Club to ensure horses are properly identified on race day.

Linnell also discussed his organization’s role in wagering integrity. He showed students the different methods they use to track wagers on a daily basis through modeling and data analysis. He also shared the different sources of information the TRPB uses to determine if there are red flags in a given race.