Speaker Series: Scott Chaney

May 4, 2023
Scott Chaney and students at Gentle Bens

California Horse Racing Board Executive Director Scott Chaney visited students at the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program to speak in the Joe Hirsch Speaker Series on May 3rd, 2023. Chaney has led the California Horse Racing Board’s efforts for three years after spending the prior twelve years as a steward in California. He also has experience as a groom and assistant trainer, having worked for Darrell Vienna for eight years.

Chaney spoke on his role as a regulator and what goes in to establishing rules in a racing jurisdiction. He discussed the formation of the CHRB, how many employees are under his purview, and the different roles the CHRB plays in regulating California horse racing. Chaney shared the process of holding meetings and how he has worked to create and enforce new rules since assuming his role. He emphasized the importance of developing policies that revolve around animal welfare, as that has been a critical topic in American horse racing in the 21st century.

Other topics Chaney discussed with students included crop reform and Category 1 versus Category 2 rules. Given his experiences on the backside and as a steward, Chaney was able to provide valuable insight into what the positives and negatives were for each issue. This time allowed students to think critically about various industry topics and gain insight into the world of horse racing regulation.