Speaker Series: Eclipse Award-Winning Producer Amy Zimmerman

April 6, 2022

Amy Zimmerman is Santa Anita Park’s Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, as well as a long-standing NBC Sports Producer. Amy’s work has been recognized by earning 26 Eclipse Awards, 14 Emmys, and four International Simulcast Awards.

During the Speaker Series, Amy shared her start within the industry and how her role and responsibilities grew during her time at Santa Anita Park. She discussed horse safety and wellness, detailing many of the changes that Santa Anita Park championed over the past three years.

Many of these best practices have been incorporated into the federal legislation via the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA). Amy also touched on her work in television production and how the quality of on-air products is now more important than ever.       

“Amy Zimmerman shared her wealth of experience with Race Track Industry Program students.  Her breadth of industry knowledge led to a wide-ranging discussion with students about the current state of racing and future improvements can that can be developed.” said Robert Hartman, Race Track Industry Program Chair.