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Nathan Horrocks

Nathan Horrocks, a former jockey turned award-winning director and producer, has blended his dual passions for filmmaking and horse racing. As the co-founder of JockeyCam and Equine Productions, Nathan has forged a remarkable career dedicated to his love for both worlds.

Transitioning from his riding career, Nathan's commitment to storytelling led him to create the JockeyCam, a revolutionary lightweight broadcast camera that brings audiences closer to the heart of the action, with business partners Sam Fleet and Dave James. His innovative vision not only transformed the way the sport is experienced by both jockeys and race attendees, but also garnered him recognition as an executive producer for Amazon Prime's four part documentary series, “Horsepower.”

Through Equine Productions, he has woven the intricate tapestry of horse racing's captivating stories, providing viewers with an insider's perspective into the equestrian world. Such as with his work on "The Fall," a powerful short film tackling the issues of mental health in the jockey community which earned him the prestigious title of "Best International Director"

Fuelled by a determination to expand horse racing's reach, Nathan's mission is to educate and engage a broader audience about the sport's beauty and complexity. His work exemplifies this mission, not only through documentaries and productions but also by pioneering an innovative approach like JockeyCam, which gives the audience a first person perspective of the sport and has raised the profiles of racings athletes.