Hailey Shiffer

Hailey Shiffer: Arizona Downs


Hailey and Jacob on-air before the races

I spent my summer as an on-air handicapper at Arizona Downs in Prescott Valley, AZ.  During the week, I would analyze the past performances, put together picks, then present my all our picks for for the card on live TV in a “Morning Show” with Arizona State University intern Jacob Bogdon and Announcer Mike Dimoff.

Jacob and I would also give our picks before each race while the horses were in the paddock. I spent most mornings trackside at workouts and would also assist General Manager Mike Weiss with managerial tasks around the office. I also able to dabble in my photography hobby.

Also, during the Summer, I worked the CTBA Northern California sale as a showman for Checkmate Thoroughbreds. It was a small consignment of 7 horses. The morning chores included getting to the showgrounds early to get everyone fed, bathing, and walking every horse. Then after they had dried, they would get a good groom. I was the sole showman so when a potential buyer came to see a horse I would bring it out and present it. On the day of the sale, every horse was given thorough groomings with the Checkmate staples of a black and yellow browband and “checkers” on its hips. I escorted  each horse to the sales ring to be sold. At this sale, Checkmate had the sales topper, a colt by Sir Prancelot. - Hailey Shiffer