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The American Quarter Horse Association is the largest equine breed registry in the world. With more than six million American Quarter Horses in the Amarillo, Texas-based registry, AQHA’s mission is to record and preserve the pedigree and performance of the American Quarter Horse, while maintaining its welfare and integrity and promoting lifelong enjoyment of the breed. The Association has been steadfast in such support of the American Quarter Horse industry since its founding in 1940 and serves more than 230,000 worldwide members who own and enjoy American Quarter Horses, including those who sprint race the fastest horse on earth. The AQHA Racing Department is the official record keeper for American Quarter Horse racing. Last year, about 12,000 American Quarter Horses started in a race, all vying for a portion of nearly $150 million in total purses. Its AQHA Racing Challenge program provides racing opportunity for American Quarter Horses of all ages and skill levels, and has given back more than $110 million in purses to horsemen since it was launched. More information about American Quarter Horse racing can be found at, which provides up-to-the-minute race results, live race streaming and replays, news of the industry and a glimpse of history’s greatest stories. AQHA also publishes the bi-annual Q-Racing Journal, which covers the people and athletes that make the heart-pounding sport what it is.

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